Thursday, April 10, 2014


Well today I got to hang out with Abby and do pictures again c: All day has been incredibly windy and this skirt is nuts for that, so here are two semi-non-windy pictures. I was trying to skateboard today but the wind is so strong it was blowing me into the curb! It was crazy. All in all though it is really warm and actually reaaallly nice out today. I love this kind of pre-storm, warm windy weather though. Not good for tennis but good for being happpyyy.

Here are a few more photos that were kinda nice from today~

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Chai Tea and T'ai Chi

Well since my laptop charger melted I've been using my dad's laptop which really sucks, and he doesn't have any sort of editing thing on here so I'm kinda stuck with the shitty lighting and whatnot. My array of awkward faces continue! Yesterday and today I've been skateboarding a lot and even though I pretty much suck, it makes me feel really alive ;O Besides that, it's excellent transportation lol. In other news, it's spring break! Which is great because today is Sunday and if I had to go to school tomorrow I'd probably die.

Oh yeah, and here is an ear cuff I ordered off of eBay like a year ago that I just re-found

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Been doin all sortsa job training today, the Baskin Robbins online training is so funny I can't deal with it. It's like, "congratulations! you are now employed at one of the best jobs on the planet!" haha. Today is so goood. It's almost HOT out, and I've been working out a lot lately and just feel really great man. except I'm about to eat some Panera bread and ruin everything. My laptop cord shorted and melted onto my desk at school though, so right now I'm running on reserve battery power and I can't do anything about it D:  Searching for a new cord today, hope I find it so I can continue to do online training.. Woooo.