Sunday, March 22, 2015


Hi! Whoa, it feels like ages since I've posted. I guess it has been! I haven't done an actual blog post all winter, ahhah. I've been a busy bee. I've been sick way more than anyone should be sick, I'm trying to sort out my living situation, trying to get health insurance... School has been hectic,work has been extra hectic. I just got another job, but I also graduate soon... So I guess I'll have more free time to do stuff like this? Things seem to be getting better lately.
I got so excited yesterday about the first day of spring that right before work I spontaneously decided that I wanted to buy a dress. So, viola! Me in an actual, femme dress. You don't see that happen much. 

I've been playing a ton of bass lately!
I think I'm getting pretty good. I also think that my neighbours hate me more with each day that passes. ;) It kinda sucks living in an apartment.
Here's this picture again, cause I just really like how it turned out <3