Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sleeping is Overrated

Photo by me.

Sometimes I feel as if people alter things about themselves physically to please other people. I guess I don't 'feel' it, I just know it. Sometimes compliments catch me off-guard, especially ones about my hair or clothes. I do what I do to feel comfortable in my skin. I colour my hair green because I feel comfortable in green. I wear the clothes I wear to feel comfortable with myself. I don't understand people. The more I understand about myself and the world, the less I understand everyone else. I don't understand homophobic or racist people. I literally do not understand. Not any explanation or even a combination of explanations will change the fact that people are people, and everyone should be treated like... People. SO, I don't understand. This is just a silly rant and I apologise, but it's nearly four in the morning and I get all... I dunno, reflective at these times. I may incorporate more writings/rants/photography/ bits of poetry into this blog. Stick around to find out. ! Sassafras

Friday, June 20, 2014


Everything is so expensive. I'd like to live in peaceful anarchy where there was no currency and everyone just helped sustain each other, but of course that's not possible. Today is another gray day, so I dressed like the weather. I don't know what my hair is doing anymore. I've had these shorts forever; they were once jeans that belonged to my mother. The shoes are a nice little thrift find, and the shirt my friend Abby gave me a while agoo~ Glasses are, of course, prescription. I really don't go anywhere without them anymore although the prescription is pretty weak, but I need them to drive and I don't have contacts. Besides, they kinda make me feel like an alien anyway. (That's a good thing) 
Hope you have a lovely little day. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tired of Everyone

Well today is a lovely, dark day. 4pm and it's pitch black outside, because of the storm. I love weather like this. It makes doing yoga and meditating so much more peaceful. School is out, so I'm just working on melting away leftover stress. It's harder than I thought it would be. I'm just glad it's dark, cool, and I'm alone.