Thursday, May 22, 2014

Dig For Fire

I took two sets of photos with Abby yesterday, these are the second ones:3 she gave me this super cool dress that she got from a thrift store, but it's really more like lingerie so I can't really wear it around just casually ;(
I am really obsessing over this song, Dig For Fire, by the Pixies right now. I'd never really listened to their Bassanova album until about a month ago, and it's really good. I love the Pixies! I had the chance to see them in January but tickets were like $100, which I didn't have at the time. That would've been soooo cool..
Okay well, I am in school right now so I gotta go! Going to a meeting about revising dress code... They're gonna ban tights and leggings at my school now, and I'm so over trying to tailor my outfits to fit into dress code (two inch straps on shoulders, at least fingertip length shorts/skirts)... Gotta run!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Did super-pro photos today with Abby! These are basically all of her clothes except the shoes/socks/jewelry. ;) It's sooooo fuckin' warm out today, I biked like crazy over here because these platforms make biking surprisingly fast (maybe because of the added height, making my legs less strained? idk) but yeah! And I got super warm and my face turned pink! Aren't I charming? Anyway, I must go. Sorry foh the short post here, but yeah!

Keep it cool and groovin' ;D

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Spook City, USA!

Hey guys! Long time no bloggin'! Man, it's so beautiful out today. Last night I bought some cake supplies, so I'm dressed fancy for a cake party today. :) Oh, and if any of you guys wanna check out my Instagram, it's after_hours, and I guess it's pretty alright, lol. School is almost over! I'm so excited. AP exams are over, and I barely have any homework (thank goodness). Gonna try to post more high-quality pictures this summer :)
Until next time, misfits,

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Mommy, can I go out and kill tonight?

Heck yes! It's my favourite day of the year... May first! It's the day that it is finally, really spring. Unless you live in the northern US, then I guess you're SOL. Still, fifty degrees is a heck of a lot better than negative twenty, so I'm not complaining.
About my outfit: My friend Alahna gave me these awesome Demonia shoes-- they're almost brand new and they fit perfectly!! <3 I traded her a purse for them :3 I got this skirt in the middle of winter and I'm so glad I can finally wear it :)I was looking for something to cover up with since it's still kind of chilly, and I remembered that I have this awesome blue flower wrap thing that my grandma got for me when she was in Hawai'i. I love this thing. I wear it as a shirt bandeau type thing in the summer when it's too hot for clothes lol. Well anyway, this is a long post. I've been cleaning my room and listening to the Misfits all day, so i'll go back to that now.
Hasta la vista, baby! Happy May!