Wednesday, March 26, 2014


On the bed ;)
A while ago I borrowed some of my friend Haley's clothes-- the Led Zeppelin shirt, the shoes, and the sunglasses on top. If people don't heckle me about getting their clothes back, it's a bad time. Lol (sorry Haley! I swear you'll get them back soon!!) Anyway, I decided to try something a bit different today.. It's freezing outside and it was hellish shooting the past 2 times, so here's me in my nice warm room. Messy room. (sorry again). The leggings I'm wearing I got for like $7 at a swap meet thing, it was really exciting. They fit great and are pretty warm, and have the appearance of corduroy while being velvety! And the colour. Umph. Anyway, good night-- I will be posting pictures that are with a nice camera tomorrow~! Shout out to the people who got me into this cult... and :)

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