Thursday, May 22, 2014

Dig For Fire

I took two sets of photos with Abby yesterday, these are the second ones:3 she gave me this super cool dress that she got from a thrift store, but it's really more like lingerie so I can't really wear it around just casually ;(
I am really obsessing over this song, Dig For Fire, by the Pixies right now. I'd never really listened to their Bassanova album until about a month ago, and it's really good. I love the Pixies! I had the chance to see them in January but tickets were like $100, which I didn't have at the time. That would've been soooo cool..
Okay well, I am in school right now so I gotta go! Going to a meeting about revising dress code... They're gonna ban tights and leggings at my school now, and I'm so over trying to tailor my outfits to fit into dress code (two inch straps on shoulders, at least fingertip length shorts/skirts)... Gotta run!