Monday, August 25, 2014

Kid Dynamo

Well today I decided to finally do an actual blog post!! It's been a while. I moved and lost my camera in the whole moving process so I haven't been bothered with taking 'good' pictures in a long while. I went to Forever 21 the other day and got this green skirt, this cool beanie, and some red thigh high socks for only $12! I love that store. Cheap, cute clothes. The best part about this skirt is the pockets.......Ohhh yeah. Skirts with pockets make my mouth water. Anyways, my boyfriend is up north for a week which is kind of a bummer but I just decided to cover three different shifts at work for people which I wouldn't usually do if he were here... But yay for money! I'm working 7 days straight this week, hahah. 
School starts really soon, and I still gotta read this super boring book for AP English.. What a shame that I waited all summer. Whoopsie-daisy. Well I gotta run to work, catch you on the flip side! ;D

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