Sunday, August 31, 2014

down to the bottom, and oh, what a bottom it is...

Decided not to edit any photos today, cause it is what it is I guess. I start school in two days which is pretty unfortunate I guess, besides the fact that I am taking some of the easiest, most relaxing classes available. Yoga, guitar 1, drawing and printmaking... Among a few others. Anyway, I worked all day and now I'm just in my comfy dress and bandana (bad hair day), which is super nice. I'm binge watching the Office too. End of summer always bums me out but it will be nice to be back in class actually, and then I wont have to work so much. 
This photo feels kind of statuesque. Tyra Banks would disapprove. Probably. I love Tyra Banks.

Well! At work today my awesome co-worker Pam made this super bitchin' Star Wars cake, and it's so damn cool I have to show you all. 

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